Bækkelagets SK - Orientering

Bækkelagets SK - Orientering

Trainings and infos for Jr/Sr week 4:

Postet av Bækkelagets SK - Orientering den 19. Jan 2015

Tuesday 20/01/2015 :

This time we will enter the Matrix. We will try to freeze the time, or most likely maybe just change our rapport with the timer. Not being victim of the timer, but mastering the time : plan - flow - anticipation - head up. Anticipation, Having the head always before the legs.
Skullerud, 18h30 sharp and ready

Thursday 22/01/2015 :
We'll start with some balance + pliometry exercises. And intervals : 3x10x[30''/30''] P=3'.
Bislett, 18h00 sharp and ready

I encourage all of you who want to increase their level to train by yourself beside our common trainings. Physically but technically too.
For those of you who don't have enough with the common trainings : send me an email with the map you would like to use for your training, your starting point, the time or length wanted, and the technical point you would like to work on if you already have some idea.
I've already started with some athletes. And I've stocked those extra-trainings in this folder : https://www.wuala.com/goldenraphti/BSK-resources/extra-trainings/?key=SsXhyff5F42n
Feel free to use it. (remember : there is no flag). And drop me an email if you don't understand the exercise.
Don't feel shy and ask me for extra-trainings, it might be used by the others later on anyway :)

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