Bækkelagets SK - Orientering

Bækkelagets SK - Orientering

Trainings and infos for Jr/Sr week 5:

Postet av Bækkelagets SK - Orientering den 26. Jan 2015

Tuesday 27/01/2015 :

Because there is too much snow to do a "normal" technical training, we will instead enjoy the snowy hills by taking a fun long run through the snowy forest, running some short exercises along the route. With or without flags, with or without map.

And then don't forget : last Tuesday of the month = dinner at Skullerudstua

18h30 ready, Skullerud

Thursday 29/01/2015 :
again, balance + pliometry exercises before starting shorter-faster-more_than_usually intervals : 4x10x[20''/20''] P=3'.
18h00 ready, Bislett

This week, as bonus resource, I suggest you this nice (and a bit old now, but still very actual) article of three big champions : Jorgen Rostrup, Pasi Ikonen, and Thierry Gueorgiou. Asking them identical questions on their tactic, mental, technique and training. And there is some pretty big differences.
You can find it here : https://www.wuala.com/goldenraphti/BSK-resources/articles/O-technique_middle_champs-TG-JR-PI.pdf/?key=u0QtDnXSYnV5.

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