Bækkelagets SK - Orientering

Bækkelagets SK - Orientering

Trainings and infos for Jr/Sr week 36

Postet av Bækkelagets SK - Orientering den 30. Aug 2015

Tuesday 01/09/2015

Physical training at Ekeberg.
Exercises + Intervals in terrain.
training start at 18h00 from BSK office in Ekeberg.

Thursday 03/09/2015

We will head to Krokhol again. For a hard training again :)
Main focus on the concentration work this week.
We will start with a timed short distance. Followed by a multi-picking. And directly after that we end with a second timed short distance.
Trying to be as sharp and offensive mentally on the first short race (starting fresh) than on the second when we are already exhausted mentally (after a first race + a multi-picking).
Bring your Emit + control descriptions holder.
We start the training at 18h30 from Krokhol golfklubb parking.

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