Bækkelagets SK - Orientering

Bækkelagets SK - Orientering

Trainings and infos for Jr/Sr week 16:

Postet av Bækkelagets SK - Orientering den 13. Apr 2015

Tuesday 14/04/2015: Oslo City Cup in the city center at Akershus festning, and using Emit tag technology. Late entries possible on-site at the secretariat, from 16h30 to 17h30.

Wednesday 15/04/2015: Natt KM I Lillomarka, a perfect opportunity to get a night race before 10mila – registration deadline is Monday (today) 23:59 - http://eventor.orientering.no/Events/Show/5376

Thursday 16/04/2015: We meet at Ekerberg for dugnad at 18:00 followed by o-technical training 19:30. The dugnad will be to distribute this year's maps for “Sprek I Nærmiljøet”, our Tur-O offer. It will be possible to help doing this by foot (walking, running), by bike or any way you want. We hope as many as possible will be able to prioritize this. After the dugnad is done we'll have o-technical training from Ekeberg, preliminary starting time 19:30

- “Norwegian Spring” races at Rygge in Østfold. Saturday and Sunday this week. Late entries possible until Monday night 23:59
-> Registration Saturday - http://eventor.orientering.no/Events/Show/3422
-> Registration Sunday - http://eventor.orientering.no/Events/Show/3424
- 10mila – Sign up in Eventor if you want to join! - http://eventor.orientering.no/Activities/Show/1114
- 15-stafetten – Perfect relay training for both 10mila and other coming relays. In Olso, 2 May We still need both jr and sr-runners! - http://eventor.orientering.no/Activities/Show/1142

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