Trainings and infos for Jr/Sr week 20

Postet av Bækkelagets SK - Orientering den 11. Mai 2015

Tuesday 12/05/2015

Physical (not only physical) training at Ekeberg.
We meet at 18h00 in the entrance of BSK office.
Bring your orienteering equipment.

Thursday 14/05/2015

No training on Thursday since it is bank holiday
BUT if anyone would want some training this Thursday (or any other day) you can reach me (Raphael) and I'll send you some training(s) to do on your own.
Please note that there is also two competitions in the Oslo region:
- Fossumløpet:
- Eikerløpet:

Both have entry deadline today (Monday). Eikerløpet probably has the best terrain of the two competitions. For 13-16 Fossumløpet is Trimtexcup.


- Thanks a lot everybody that went to 10mila! It was a great weekend with a lot of good moments.
(contact Johan if you lost a pair of lobster-gloves, they were in the tent when we left the arena sunday morning)

- If your 10mila was awesome? or if you got home with more to wish for, Jukola is coming soon giving you another chance. Do you want to take part? - Club registration in eventor is open


- Want to run Sprint relay champs? - register so we know how many teams we will enter, as of today we need more guys! -

- Norway cup dugnad - remember to register for the shifts you want to work by using link in email previously sent out by Kine. If you have any questions regarding the dugnad you can contact Kine directly

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