Trainings and infos for Jr/Sr week 22

Postet av Bækkelagets SK - Orientering den 25. Mai 2015

Tuesday 26/05/2015
forest sprint training in Ekeberg → mass-sart with forkings, followed by chasing start with butterfly.
Good training for the mixed-relay on Sunday.
No Emit, but the spirit is the same.
You might want to bring your O-shoes -> 100% forest.
18h00 at BSK office.

Wednesday 27/05/2015
Nice training organized by AOOK especially for those who plan to run NM-sprint in the week-end. With Emit-tag.
Registration by tuesday 23:59 -

Thursday 28/05/2015
Urban sprint training in Nordseter.
Easy session for those running NMsprint.
Memo challenge in duo + mini-sprint with fake fences.
Mostly urban with just some parts out. No O-shoes.
18h30. Start is on the parking halfway between Kastellet stasjon and the Spar (Jordbærveien 97, 1161 Oslo).


- I've already sent you a few general advices for sprint several weeks ago. You might want to give it a look again (searching within your emails).
- I will be away next week, but trainings will continue just as usual. Flags are already out ; maps + explanations + control-descriptions printed.
- remember to register for working during Norway Cup -
- BSK jukola registration is still open -
- Training plan until June is updated (or will be very soon)
- Thursday 4th of June will be a Jukola specific training. Mass-starts, forkings, and on relevant terrain : Greverudåsen. So everybody planning to run the Jukola should maybe consider attending this training as well.

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