Trainings and infos for Jr/Sr week 46 - Kick off after training on Tuesday

Postet av Bækkelagets SK - Orientering den 9. Nov 2015

Tuesday 10/11/2015

Technical training working on "bubble focus".

2 parallel corridors + 1 windmill + 1 race

From Skullerudstua. We meet at 18h30 sharp and ready.

Season Kick-off: After the training we stay in Skullerudstua for some 15 extra minutes to present and talk about the season and the important dates coming this year. No dinner, sorry for the hungry ones :)

Thursday 12/11/2015

Interval training in Bislett

We meet at 16h00 but you can join us until 16h20 while we do the exercises. After 16h20 you can not enter Bislett anymore without a Track&Field federation membership card (and they do check at the entrance !) We start the intervals around 16h35.

This week we will do some jumps exercises and pliometric. Followed by some shorter intervals gaining some speed and intensity with the Grand Classic : 3*10*30''/30'' P=3' (easier version for the begginers)

With some easy map-exercises during the rest-time to work on the ability to read jogging + to force yourself reading despite the fatigue.

This week we will be using the 2016 10mila map for this exercise.

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